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Monitor Arms

Double Gas Arms

Many more computer users are now operating using two monitors. In many cases there are multi  users working at the same workstation so the need to adjust height and distance is constantly changing. Double gas arms accommodate the computer screens but also make adjustment of the viewing position far easier to perform.

Being able to adjsut the screens to be positioned corretcly insures operators are sitting in the best possible position from and ergonomic point of view which in turn help them to perform and work at their optimum.



75-100mm VESA fixing plates

Easy fix VESA plate

Min Height to VESA plate centre 255mm

Max height to Vesa plate center 465mm

Max arm reach 470mm

Max weight cappacity 2 x 6kg

Max Screen Size 30"

Full cable management

Edge clamp fixing

Desk Clamp Fixing 25mm

Top fix feature

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Viewlite 65

Viewlite 65
  • Dynamic height adjustment range of 240 mm
  • Independent depth adjustment
  • Integrated cable management
  • Main components made of aluminium
  • 40% of aluminium content is already recycled
  • VESA MIS-D 75 x 75/100 x 100 mm compatible
  • Rotate 360°, tilt +90°/-55°, swivel +65°/-65°
  • Weight capacity min. 0 kg - max. 7 kg per monitor
  • Comes with a desk clamp mount and bolt-through desk mount
  • Suitable for a desktop thickness of 5 up to 40 (clamp) or 50 mm (bolt through)
  • Monitor size limit: width 990 - height 850 mm
  • Fitted with a practical quick-release VESA system
  • Monitor rotation lock can be enabled
  • Swivel limiter pre-set to +65°/-65° (can be set to only +65°)

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Viewmaster desk 59

Viewmaster desk 59
  • Dynamic height adjustment range of 305 mm
  • Independent depth adjustment
  • Partly integrated or concealed cable management
  • Main components made of aluminium
  • VESA MIS-D 75 x 75/100 x 100 mm compatible
  • Rotate +90°/-90°, tilt +90°/-90°, swivel 360°
  • Weight capacity min. 4,5 - max. 10 kg per monitor
  • Desk mount not included
  • Monitor size limit: height 1286 mm
  • Ideal for face-to-face workstations
  • Built-in SUSPA® gas spring

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