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Height Adjustable Furniture

Height Adjustable Furniture

Height adjustable workstations are becoming something which most companies are keen to have. Forward thinking employers understand that one size (in this case height)doesn't suit all.

Being able to sit or stand with your workstation adjusted to the corect level, reduces the chances of upper skeletal disorders, stress , RSI and other physological problems.

It has been suggested that standing 3 hours at your workstation during the course of a working day for the whole year is equivalent to running 10 Marathons!

Whether that is the case or not it is a well known fact a correctly positioned workstation will help to reduce staff taking time off work, help them feel more energised and in turn more productive.

Height adjustable solutions can come in a number of options, firstly you can have a product that sits on top of your existing worksurface and can be adjsusted up and down via spring controlled top. Secondly you can have a desk which can be adjusted to a specific users prefered operating height and set at the height and left. The third option is to have a desk that you can manually wind up to the desired standing height and wind down to th desired sitting height.The last option is to have an electric height adjustable workstation that you can simply adjsut for height by pressing a button.

Hopefully within the offering we provide you will find the solution which best meets your needs, if not give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.

CMS dual screen sit stand station

CMS dual screen sit stand station



Product available in white,

Weight capacity 13kg- 5kg per monitor,

Worksurface size 680mm wide x 380mm deep,

keyboard size 680mm wide x 250mm deep,

monitor adjust and tilt angle 15° + 15°

height range from surface to top of pole 750-1140mm

£299.00 ex. VAT More info

React height adjustable desk

React height adjustable desk
  • Height Range  |  650mm – 1300mm
  • Load Capacity  |  120kg
  • Speed  |  40 mm/s
  • Operating Noise  |  39 db
  • Leg Thickness  |  70mm
  • Built in Anti-Collision as standard
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty
  • Easy self assembly – clicks together in minutes
  • 5 desktop finishes
  • Silver or White leg options
  • Next day delivery for orders placed before 12.30pm
  • 5 diffrent colour options

£749.00 ex. VAT More info

Move set and forget

Move set and forget

A range of height adjusting desks which can be adjusted to meet the exact requirments of the user and be fixed at the optimum operating height for that individual.

Height adjustment ranges from 680mm-1180mm.

Avaialbale in a wide choice of colours including : White, Beech , Maple , Oak with additional colours also available at a slightly higher cost.

Price quoted is for a 1600 x 800 desk with standard rectangualr top, top is also available with cable ports and or scalloped back to desk.

Desks can be configured back to back with shared lend leg frames.

£299.00 ex. VAT More info



In an ever increasing health conscious work environment, we all operate within the confines of the real world; the rigours of the day to day. Move addresses the need for companies to promote a healthy, flexible and more productive workplace.

Our height adjustable desking enables workers to enjoy the health and posture benefits of being able to alter their working dynamics and thereby improve wellbeing.

Move! workstations are offered with either square or round corners to the work surfaces, with matching end cladding where specified. Various cable management options are available to suit your requirements.

Move! is available as a back-to-back configuration or as a freestanding desk. The product can specified with crank, gas or electric lifting mechanisms. A variety of end-cladding options on back-to-back desks, and complimentary storage units enable a clean and clutter free office.

The desk featured is driven by 2 motors either end of the desk top which improves speedat which the height of the desk can be adjusted ( approx 30mm per second).

Dimensions of the desk featured are 1600 x 800 with a height range adjustment of between 680

£549.00 ex. VAT More info

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Suppliers of Monitor arms and stands for single, dual multi screen and multiple screen installations.Sytems critical, trading, 24hour applications with 3,4,5,6,7,8, LCD, TFT, flat screen displays. Also providing additional items to enhance the installation, such as, Height adjustable desks, office seating, foot rests, cpu holders, wrist rests, cable trays and power supplies.