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Flap Flap Flap
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Flap panels have a rear chromed steel plate connected by an articulated spherical hinge to a chromed steel arm that can be mounted directly to the wall or to a ceiling. The hinges allow the panel to rotate 360° and incline in any direction, in order to personalise the aesthetic aspects and the acoustic performance of the product.

Part of the Snowsound acoustic collection Flap offers wall, ceiling and freestanding options Back lighting available for wall units Frameless design avoids potentially sound reflecting surfaces Same acoustic qualities on both sides Multiple international Awards Class A sound absorption Blocking performance independently tested Independently tested Tested to UNI EN ISO 10534-2, UNI EN ISO354, ISO 10053 Top international designers CE mark for ceiling fixings ( accordance with BS EN 13964) 100% recyclable Greenguard Gold certification contributes to LEED building rating system No formaldehyde content and tested to BS EN ISO 12460-3 Absence of airspaces or cavity and seamless surface significantly decreases accumulation of dirt, pollen or insect infestation Tested to ISO 9142 to stimulate extreme conditions of temperature and humidity to ensure continued acoustic performance in all environments

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