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Fabricks Fabricks Fabricks
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Product Information

Fabricks are super acoustic bricks made from acoustic foam and wool fabric, designed to look fabulous, divide space and reduce noise. Quickly configured and reconfigured, Fabricks offer the flexibility to change spaces in the modern open plan workplace by creating walls for meeting spaces and individual work areas; the dynamic of a space and even the location of power can be altered in moments.

With great acoustic credentials, Fabricks combats the increased noise levels and visual distractions that lead to reduced productivity. Fabricks are tested to ISO 10053 and BS EN ISO 354:2003 achieving Class A sound absorption and fantastic sound attenuation results.

Fabricks is a modular system of extremely light weight bricks, a simple steel base and extruded aluminium posts; it is easy to specify and easy to build. The ‘house brick’ style gives interlocking rigidity to the design. The extruded aluminium posts also accommodate power and data cables and can be combined retrospectively to alter the height of walls.

Walls can be created with traditional 2D flat face bricks, or 3D sculptured face, offering a beautiful textured finish. The fabric colour options and pixelated nature of the bricks allow you to match decor, or even create pictures, logos or messages.

Fabricks’ offers great acoustic and visual privacy without building permanent floor to ceiling rooms, so expensive mechanical reconfigurations can be avoided and air will flow across the
open plan area. Everything has been designed for simple, quick installation and reconfiguration. 

Whether you are designing for workplace, hotel, education or leisure environments, Fabricks can divide spaces to help reduce noise and visual distraction; it’s also the perfect flexible, colourful, quick-build wall system for exhibition stands!

What the experts say…
Fabricks is unique in its versatility and performance. As a class A absorber it can be used effectively for the control of reverberation within a space, however, it is also an effective screen against noise and has good sound attenuation properties, which means it can be used to improve both speech and visual privacy. Due to its easily reconfigurable nature, the acoustician or user can adjust the size and shape of Fabricks to create spaces of different levels of acoustic privacy. To get the most out of the product, it is best installed in an area where there is a highly absorbent acoustic ceiling and appropriate levels of ambient noise.

2D flat face and 3D sculptured face lightweight bricks 3 different lengths (300mm, 600mm or 1200mm) 2 different heights (200mm or 400mm) 90° corner bricks Typical configurations 1600mm, 1800mm or 2000mm high Over 30 standard colours to from Camira blazer lite Extruded aluminium posts with ability to house power & data cables Standard post heights can be combined easily (e.g., 600mm post + 1800mm post = 2400mm high wall) Steel base Tested to ISO 10053 and BS EN ISO 354:2003   Price is Base upon the 2D 300 x130 x 200 Brick

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