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Wire Baskets

Within this section can be found:

WB1600-TSR 1600mm cable basket

WB1600-TSR 1600mm cable basket

1600mm wide hinged wire cable basket, tiltsto allow for ease of access to power supplies or cables. Attaches to the under side of the work surface or modesty panel. Plastic capped ends insure no damge can be done to poweror data cables as well as protecting the installer.

Also available in 800mm,1000mm,1200 and 1400mm lengths

£28.50 ex. VAT More info

WB1200T-S Wide Cable Basket

WB1200T-S Wide Cable Basket

Simple but effective hinged cable basket  allows for basket to be lowered for ease of access to power modules or cables. Can be fixed to the uder side of teh desk or to teh modesty panel, plastic capped ends insure no sharp edges are exposed thus avoiding damge to cables.

 Also avaialble 800mm,1000m, 1400mm and 1600mm Lengths

£24.00 ex. VAT More info

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Suppliers of Monitor arms and stands for single, dual multi screen and multiple screen installations.Sytems critical, trading, 24hour applications with 3,4,5,6,7,8, LCD, TFT, flat screen displays. Also providing additional items to enhance the installation, such as, Height adjustable desks, office seating, foot rests, cpu holders, wrist rests, cable trays and power supplies.