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Viewlite Universal tablet holder
Product ref: 58.050

Viewlite Universal tablet holder Viewlite Universal tablet holder Viewlite Universal tablet holder
£46.00 each £55.20 inc VAT

Product Information

The Universal Tablet Holder for the ViewLite monitor arm series snugly and securely holds almost any tablet in place. The Universal Tablet Holder can bring a tablet up to eye level with computer screens so that it becomes a full-fledged desktop sidekick. Thanks to the unique ViewLite mounting head, the Universal Tablet Holder is quickly and easily exchanged for a screen and vice versa.

  • Largest possible tablet dimensions (hxwxd): 265 x 190 x 15mm
  • Smallest possible tablet dimensions (hxwxd): 225 x 155 x 0mm
  • Very fast installation
  • Grey tablet grippers made of soft synthetic material
  • Tablet can be locked in place, preventing its removal
  • Tablet is easily inserted or removed
  • Designed to keep all ports and buttons fully accessible
  • Only compatible with the ViewLite series Quick Release System

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