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Remote working

Posted: Tuesday, 26th February 2019

Dataflex addit portable ergonomic device.

More and more people are working from remote locations whether that be serviced offices, coffee shops, the breakfast bar or dining table at home.

Technology enable us as individuals to be able to store information in the cloud and flexible working attitudes negate the need to go into the office every day.

This of course is great in some respects but in other ways it can mean that people aren't necassarily sitting and working in the most benficial way when it comes to ergonomic factors.

Do we have the screen at the right height? Are we crouched over the keyboard? Does the chair we are sitting on adjust correctly and provide support where it is most needed?

The list could go on and all would be relevant under health and safety guide lines, the responsability of employers to look after their employees is not deminished because the are not in an office of their providing, they are just the same.

Making sure you have the right tools to do the job safely and properly are something which should not be ignored.

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