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Working from home

Posted: Wednesday, 18th June 2014

Flexible working is becoming more and more common for so many people but are they equiped as well at home as they would be at work?

I have many friends, family and business associates who work from home a couple of days at a time or in some cases full time and invariably they havent sorted out their home workspace as well as it would have been in a commercial office.

They use there dining table at home which is not a major thing but they use one of the dining chairs as well! which is not going to offer the range of adjsutment or support that they should be getting.The range of office seating provided on the monitor arms and stands web site will provide the range of adjustment one would expect to find on a chair in a commercial office.

Some are using laptops for many hours and are crouched over their keyboards and screens which leaves them feeling tense across the shoulders and has them walking around like the hunch back of Notredam (slight exageration) but you get the jist.

Others have there devices positioned on breakfast bars and again are sitting on something giving little or no support or positioned at the wrong height to insure a comfortable and ergonomically sound sitting position.The monitor arms or laptop stands found on this web site will help improve posture, reduce risk of upper skeletal disorders and help with productivity.

The truth is they should be taking just as much care at home as they would if working from their normal office workplace and if they are an employee their company has a duty to insure they are as safe at home to carry out their work as they would be at the company office.

If you would like to know more about this subject try following this link and it will hopefully provide all you need.

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