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DSE Assessments - The Hidden Benefits

Posted: Tuesday, 8th April 2014

Health and Safety in the Workplace can sometimes be viewed as an inconvenience. The view can also be taken that health and safety means a costly outcome.

So why carry out DSE (display screen equipment) Assessments?

Firstly, it is a legislative requirement for DSE assessments to be carried out when there is: a new workstation set up; when a new user commences employment; or when substantial change is made to an existing workstation. A DSE Assessment should also be carried out if there is no previous record of one being done or when it is no longer valid due to a user complaining of pain or discomfort.

Despite the legal obligation, the benefit derived by carrying out a risk assessment is that staff feel valued and cared for. Prevention is better than cure, and assessments can assist in the avoidance of future problems, time off work and maybe even litigation. The feel-good factor for users is reflected in productivity being improved which leads to profitability.

The cost to carry out DSE Assessments can be as little as £60 per hour with potential for three workstations being assessed in that time. The cost for not carrying out an assessment could be a hefty fine or litigation from a dissatisfied user.

A larger proportion of the time, most users just need educating on how to use their equipment correctly.

If you would like to know more about DSE Assessments, why not look on the Health and Safety Executive website or give us a call for an obligation-free quote.

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