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Remote working

Posted: Tuesday, 26th February 2019

Dataflex addit portable ergonomic device.

More and more people are working from remote locations whether that be serviced offices, coffee shops, the breakfast bar or dining table at home.

Technology enable us as individuals to be able to store information in the cloud and flexible working attitudes negate the need to go into the office every day.

This of course is great in some respects but in other ways it can mean that people aren't necassarily sitting and working in the most benficial way when it comes to ergonomic factors.

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Benefits of standing at your desk

Posted: Wednesday, 16th July 2014

Benefits of standing at your desk

There was a time when standing desks were a curiosity—used by eccentrics like Hemingway, Dickens and Kierkegaard, but seldom seen inside a regular office setting.

That's changed, in large part due to research showing that the cumulative impact of sitting all day for years is associated with a range of health problems, from obesity to diabetes to cancer. Because the average office worker spends 5 hours and 41 minutes sitting each day at his or her desk, some describe the problem with a pithy new phrase that's undeniably catchy, if somewhat exaggerated: "Sitting is the new smoking.

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Working from home

Posted: Wednesday, 18th June 2014

Flexible working is becoming more and more common for so many people but are they equiped as well at home as they would be at work?

I have many friends, family and business associates who work from home a couple of days at a time or in some cases full time and invariably they havent sorted out their home workspace as well as it would have been in a commercial office.

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DSE Assessments - The Hidden Benefits

Posted: Tuesday, 8th April 2014

Health and Safety in the Workplace can sometimes be viewed as an inconvenience. The view can also be taken that health and safety means a costly outcome.

So why carry out DSE (display screen equipment) Assessments?

Firstly, it is a legislative requirement for DSE assessments to be carried out when there is: a new workstation set up; when a new user commences employment; or when substantial change is made to an existing workstation.

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